Technical data: location of fuses

Toyota Yaris 10 (1999-2005)


mod. 08.1999

Engine room & instrument panel fuse boxes




1H-LP (RH)10Right headlight
2H-LP (LH)10Left headlight
3ST30Starter system
4AM215Starter system, SRS airbag system, Fuel injection system, engine blockage (immobilizer) system, battery empty warning system
6EFI15Fuel injection system
7DOME15Clock, Radio-tape system, ceiling lamp, instrument panel, remote control control system
8SPARE15Spare fuse
9SPARE30Spare fuse
10H-LP LO RH10Right headlight (daytime running light)
11H-LP LO LH10Left headlight (daytime running light)
12GAUGE10Reversing lights, charging system, air conditioning system, power window system, indicators and meters
13ACC15Clock, radio-tape, outside rearview mirror system, cigarette lighter
14A/C7.5Air conditioning system
15DEF25Rear window defog, exterior rear view mirror defogger
16WIPER20Windshield wipers and washer, rear window wiper and washer
17ECU-IG7.5Anti-lock braking system, electric cooling fan
18S-HTR10Seat heater
19D/L25Central locking system
20ECB-B7.5Rear fog lights, SRS airbag system
21OBD7.5On-board diagnosis system
22TAIL7.5Tail lights, parking lights, license plate lights, radio-tape recorder, headlight beam level control, lighting
23HAZ10Signal lamps, Quad flasher
24STOP10Stop lights, upper stop lights, anti-lock braking system, gear lock system, Fuel injection system
25H-LP HI RH10Right headlight (high beam)
26H-LP HI LH10Left headlight (high beam)
27HTR SUB250Air conditioning system (PTC2)
28HTR SUB150Air conditioning system (PTC1)
29RDI30Electric cooling fans
31AM150"ACC", "GAUGE", "WIPER" "ECU-IG", "S-HTR" and "DEF" fuses
32POWER30Power windows
33HTR40Air conditioning system
34MAIN60EFI, DOME, HORN, ST, AM2, H-LP LH, H-LP RH, H-LP LH (HI), H-LP RH (HI), H-LP LH (LO) and H-LP RH (LO) fuses
35CL-ACT160CL-ACT2 fuse
36ALT100/120"RDI", "HTR SUB1", "HTR SUB2", "ECU-B", "TAIL", D/L, "OBD", "AC", "HTR", "POWER" and "STOP" fuses
37ABS60Anti-lock braking system  ©  2021
Genuine Toyota Owner’s Manuals used. Translated by Toyota-Club.Net