Technical data: location of fuses

Toyota Corolla 120e (2001-2007)

European market version


mod. 01.2005 TR

Engine room fuse box / Instrument panel fuse box




1SPARE15Spare fuse
2SPARE10Spare fuse
3SPARE5Spare fuse
4AM230Starter, fuel injection system, "ST" and "IG2" fuses
5DOME15Audio, interior lamp, reading lamp, trunk lamp, remote control system, gauges and meters
6EFI15Fuel injection system, clock, cruise control
7ETCS10Fuel injection system
8ALT-S5Charging system
9HAZARD10Turn signal lights, hazard flashers
11HEAD LH15Left headlight
12HEAD RH15Right headlight
19CIG15Cigarette lighter, audio system, clock, rearview mirror
20IG215Gauges and meters, SRS airbag, fuel injection system, starting system, charging system
21M-HTR / DEF I-UP10Exterior mirror heater, fuel injection system
22ST7.5Fuel injection system, gauges and meters
23ECU-B10Emission control system, air conditioning, diagnostic system, rear fog lamps
24AM125"CIG" fuse
25TAIL15Tail lights, license plate lights, parking lights, headlight level control system, instrument panel lighting lamps, clock, front fog lights, fuel injection system
26P/W20Power windows
27STOP15Stop lights, upper stop light, shift lock, fuel injection system, ABS, VSC
28FOG15Front fog light
29DOOR25Central locking system
30A/C10Air conditioning
31OBD 7.5Diagnostic system
32GAUGE10Displays and counters, air conditioning, power windows, reverse light, rear window defogger, AT, central locking system, charging system, hazard flashers, interior rearview mirror, SRS, passenger belt warning light
34WASH15Windscreen wipers and washer
35ECU-IG10SRS airbag, electric cooling fans, ABS, shift lock, power steering
36WIPER25Windscreen wiper and washer, rear window wiper and washer
43RDI FAN30Electric cooling fan
48EMPS50Electric motor hydraulic steering
51DEFOG40Rear window defroster, "M-HTR / DEF I-UP" fuse
53POWER30Power windows, electric sunroof
54HEATER40Air conditioning, "A/C" fuse
56ALT100Charging system, "ABS NO.1", "ABS NO.2", "RDI FAN", "H-LP CLN", "GAUGE", "ECU-IG", "WIPER", "WASH", "AM1 (25A)", "DEFOG", "HEATER", "S-HTR", "POWER", "P / W", "DOOR", "ECU-B", "TAIL", "STOP", "FOG" and "OBD" fuses  ©  2021
Genuine Toyota Owner’s Manuals used. Translated by Toyota-Club.Net