Technical data: location of fuses

Toyota Avensis 220 (1997-2003)


mod. 2000

Engine room fuse box / Instrument panel fuse box




1DOME7.5APower rear view mirrors, open door warning light, electric moon roof, personal lights, interior light, luggage compartment light, trunk light, clock, audio system
2HEAD (RH)15ARH headlight
3ECU-B10APower door lock system, ABS
4AM230AST and IGN fuses
5RAD NO.110AAudio system
6HEAD (LH)15ALH headlight
8ALT-S5ACharging system
9H-LP CLN30AHeadlight cleaner
10HZARD15AEmergency flashers
11EFI15A/20AFuel injection system
12SPARE7.5ASpare fuse
13SPARE15ASpare fuse
14SPARE30ASpare fuse
15Fr FOG15AFront fog lights
16DOOR30APower door lock system
17STOP10AStop lights, ABS, fuel injection system
18S/THR15ASeat heaters
19TAIL10ATail lights, licence plate lights, audio system, headlight cleaner, instrument panel lights, rear fog lights, parking lights
20Fr DEF20AWindshield wiper deicer, outside rear view mirror heaters, engine idle up system
21ST5AEngine starter, fuel injection system
22GAUGE10AGauges and meters, service reminder indicators and warning buzzer, econodrive monitor, transmission OD, rear window defogger, power windows, power door lock system, windshield wiper deicer, charging system
23WIPER25AWindshield wipers and washer, rear window wiper and washer
24CIG & RAD15AAudio system, cigarette lighter, clock
25IGN10AEmission control, charging system, glow plugs, discharge warning light
26ECU-IG5AAutomatic transmission, ABS
27Rr DEF l/UP5AEngine idle up system
28ST NO.25AEngine starter
29A/C5AAir conditioning
30FUEL HTR25AFuel heater
31HEAD HI (RH) 10ARH headlight (high beam)
32HEAD HI (LH)10ALH headlight (high beam)
33HTR SUB420APower heater
36EFI II15AHeater fuses
37HTR40AAir conditioning
38FAN SUB30AElectric cooling fans
39FAN MAIN40AElectric cooling fans
40MAIN50AStarter system, HEAD (LH), HEAD (RH), HEAD HI (LH), and HEAD HI (RH) fuses
41POWER30APower door lock system, electric moon roof, power windows
42AM140AHeadlight cleaner, charging system, GAUGE", "CIG & RAD, TURN, ECU-IG, WIPER, Fr FOG and SEAT HTR fuses
43Rr DEF40ARear window defogger
44HTR SUB250AHeater
45HTR SUB150AHeater
46HTR SUB350AHeater Fuses
47100A/140ACharging system, FAN SUB, "FAN MAIN, HTR, ABS, STOP", Fr DEF, POWER, ECU-B" and Rr DEF fuses
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