Toyota D-4 - outlook?

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Sep 2009

"Direct injection - is a progressive technological solution, and soon everyone will ride with D-4, almost all of Toyota's are D-4 now, almost all Mitsubishi - GDI, Nissans - the same".

This is wrote in mid-2000s. So let's see the myth of inevitable and imminent D-4 epoch. First, see the dynamics of Toyota direct injection implementation to mass models.

- Corona Premio 210 Premio/Allion 240 Premio/Allion 260 without D-4
- Vista 50 model closed
- Nadia model closed
- Opa model closed
- Caldina 240 model closed
- Noah/Voxy 60 Noah/Voxy 70 without D-4
- RAV4 20 RAV4 30 without D-4
- Avensis 220 Avensis 250 Avensis 270 without D-4
- Gaia model closed
- Wish 10 Wish 20 without D-4
- Isis Isis without D-4

Thus, of the 11 post-1996 models to September 2009 there is not one. All models whether was closed or was equipped with new engines generation with conventional MPI injection (and some also with Valvematic).

D-4 is still used at GR and UR series for expensive FR cars of Mark, Crown and Lexus families. The models that never become widespread in rus-market.

What about other Japanese brands (in 2009)? Nissan - no models with direct injection, the last of the Mohicans - Stagea VQ25DD, discontinued in 2007. Mitsubishi - pioneers of Japanese direct injection - GDI production stopped even earlier.

"Progress is not standing still, and MFI soon be will be replaced by DI"

It is strange to hear from far-east auto-mechanics. Direct injection gained popularity among European manufacturers, especially German big-three - first inventors of the technology. But as can see, the Japanese companies have already abandoned direct injection mass implementation.

P.S. As for Toyota, the direct injection remains belong top V6 and V8 until the mid-2010s. Only in 2015 at junior series D-4 and D-4S versions reappeared - 6AR-FSE and turbocharged 8NR-FTS and 8AR-FTS.

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