Toyota ATC 4WD coupling repair

Oleg L., Moscow
Jul 2004 - Jan 2016

Question: "Whistle noise from rear-wheel drive connecting coupling (gear, axle, differential...) on Ipsum (Gaia, Nadia, RAV4... or any other car with ATC 4WD). The new coupling - about thousand bucks plus job. What can I do!?"

Welcome to the world of Gaia problems :). But we already know how to disassemble this "non-separable" coupling.


Toyota ATC 4WD operation principles - "ATC / DTC coupling"

What to be replaced?

Firstly, purchase bearing Toyota part number 90363-95003
It's invisible at genuine catalogue for our cars - because the coupling is formally "single" unit.

But analogue is visible if look at the rear differential of Cadlina 215G (V-Flex 4WD). Toyota p/n 90363-95003 (the price about $17-20), analogue - NSK 95DSF01, size 120*95*17 mm.
Note: In the late 2000s, a new modification of the coupling appeared (for example, RAV4 since 08.2009 - p/n 41303-42021), with narrower bearing - 120*95*13 mm. The analogue - NSK 6819-2RS.


1. Disconnect propeller shaft (4 nuts at coupling), move aside and hung on.

2. Remove 4 bolts holding the coupling to the rear differential housing. Carefully! - otherwise the threads in light alloy will be damaged.

3. Disconnect coupling wiring terminal and rubber pipe.

4. Carefully disconnect coupling from the rear differential. Then, when assembly, all the pars to be cleaned and sealed with silicon. If you disconnect the differential housing support member (right side) and slightly lower coupling with differential (to easier loosen of coupling), some oil from the diff will drain - top up it after all.

5. Carefully disconnect the wires of the coupling - it interfere bearing replacement. After removing the coupling, put it on the studs that attached to propeller shaft. There are 3 wires at the top of the coupling that go inside to coupling side connector, usually plastered with sealant, and you need to pull it out from this connector. They are not soldered, just thin pins was fixed in the terminals. If you made so, it will not broken when extruding the bearing :).

6. Put a coupling studs up, find a suitable old bearing. It is necessary to put the coupling so that its internal parts have enough space to be pressed out.

7. Better to use the press, but it is possible to use hand-made tool and ordinary jack. And slowly push on. Note, from the studs side. You can optionally remove the metal duster. Carefully, do not bend it :)

8. The coupling internal parts will come out of the case. The biggest bearing will remain inside the case. And it had to be changed. Genuine bearing has a rubber ring outside. Do not worry and just apply silicone when installing new bearing.

9. After cleaning of different mud deposits new bearing fits without problems.

10. Reconnect the wires and re-assemlby the coupling in the reverse order.

With such whistle and roar I drove about 3000 km. After replacement added about 70000 km - "flight is normal".

Subsequently, new trouble occurs - with the second bearing. Its boot twisted and began to slowly crumble, this caused grinding and other unpleasant sounds from the coupling. At first I thought about the first bearing. But last weekend I disassembled the coupling and saw the described above. Trouble became quiet after I remove the remnants of boot and filled Castrol lube for driveshafts.
Note: V-flex rear bearing on the illustration (41330F) - IS NOT suitable to ATC coupling. Original rear bearing - NSK 6911V, size 80*55*13 mm, analogue - Koyo 6911-2RS.

In the civilized markets this defect is covered by an extended guarantee. For example, the Warranty Enhancement Program ZF4 (for RAV4 2006-12, ~650.000 vehicles) provides a free replacement of ATC coupling within 9 years without mileage restriction.

And once more - with illustrations.

Rear-wheel drive coupling... Remove the propeller shaft, and it is better to remove 2 studs. Coupling is holding by 4 bolts at light alloy case, so be gently.

The coupling removed from case.

That problematic bearing, which many owners claim. The new one.

The other problem of 4WD - two wires broken. I soldered new wires, on the photo they go into the case, only need to be soldered to the connector. After soldering the coupling was assembled in reverse order using simple white sealant.

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