Toyota Corolla Spacio Second-generation

New Spacio will be sold in Europe as well as Japan. It's substantially bigger than the outgoing model but crams in fewer seats.
Top-rated model in the range is the S Tourer. The standard price of Y1.887 million can be bumped up by optional body kit and numerous other dealer options.
New seating configuration only leaves vestigial third row of seats. The new Spacio is effectively a five-seater with plenty of luggage space.
Dash architecture is predictable but ergonomically sound. The black trim is exclusive to the S Tourer grade.

The new Spacio is the latest weapon in Toyota's battle to regain leadership of the MPV market in Japan.

The domestic sales target is 3,500 units per month but total volumes will be higher than that as the Spacio will be exported to Europe to compete against the likes of the Renault Megane Scenic and Nissan Tino. The old model was only exported to some Asian markets.

The Spacio was the first compact minivan in Japan with a removeable third row of seats. It was a neat package and sold well to begin with but then fell away because, it became clear, the third row was simply too cramped to be of much practical use.

Toyota came up with a quick fix and released with a five-seater version with only two rows of seats. This immediately became the best selling model in the range.

Toyota has learned the lesson of trying to cram too many seats into too small a cabin and the second-generation Spacio, just launched in Japan, is substantially bigger than its predecessor (the new Corolla, on which the Spacio is based, is bigger than the old one) and therefore much closer to its bigger brother the Ipsum.

Engine capacity has been enlarged in line with this bulking up. There are two powerplants on offer in Japan, a 1.5 and a 1.8. Both are BEAMS family VVT-i (infinitely variable valve-timing) motors with four cylinder and 16 valves. The 1,496cc 1NZ-FE 1,496cc unit produces 110ps @ 6,000rpm and 14.6kg-m at 4,200. The 1,794cc 1ZZ-FE offers 136ps at 6,000rpm and 17.4kg-m at 4,000.

If Toyota releases a sport grade Spacio it is likely to be powered by the 1.8-liter 2ZZ-GE motor, which offers a thumping 190ps (140kW).

The outgoing model's unpopular 2+0+2 and 2+2+2 seating configurations have been dumped in favor of a 2+3+2 arrangement. It's really a 2+3 plus two basic foldaways at the back. For practical purposes, the new Spacio is a five-seater with plenty of luggage space. Because the wheelbase is 35mm longer than before the cabin is noticeably roomier.

The new Spacio is more sophisticated in looks than its predecessor, displaying a steeply raked A-pillar, a rising waistline and a strong rear quarter pillar. The same features can be seen in the latest Ipsum and will be integral to the design of the new Opa.

Active and passive safety equipment includes anti-lock brakes, electronic brakeforce distribution, dual airbags and SRS seatbelts.

Among a myriad of dealer options are DVD, satellite navigation, a choice of two bespoke CD players, rear parking camera and a hi-mount stop lamp.

Prices are extremely competitive. The cheapest 1.8 model, the X, is pegged at Y1.607 million (US$13,090) while the top-grade S Tourer model costs Y1.887 million (US$15,365).

The new Corolla range is now filled out, with buyers in Japan able to choose between the standard Corolla sedan, Allex/Runx hatchback, Fielder wagon and Spacio MPV.


Length:			4,240mm
Width:			1,695mm
Height:			1.610mm
Cabin length:		2,400mm
Cabin width:		1,485mm
Cabin height:		1,270mm
Wheelbase:		2,600mm
Front track:		1,480mm
Rear track:		1,460mm
Weight:			1,595kg
Engine:			1ZZ-FE 1,794cc VVT-i 4-cyl 16-valve Dohc 
Power:			136ps (100kW) @ 6,000rpm
Torque:			17.4kg-m (171 Nm) @ 4,000rpm
Compression ratio:		10 : 1
Fuel tank:		50 liters

Corolla Spacio 120
1.5i · 1.8i
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